(Closed) FamilyVille Is hiring Developers

This job is closed. Thanks for applying!


Out of the bloom, are you guys hiring 3d modelers or builders by any chance?

If you need a Composer here is my portfolio.

Yes we are! He did the roles we need for incorrectly (waiting for him to respond in dms).

We’re looking for 3D Modelers who can do up to the 3 things we still need.

  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Vehicles

We’re not asking you to do all 3 of them but you can try and do as many as you can.

I’ll check your portfolio right now.

Project Lead of FamilyVille.

Oof! Sorry, we already have a composer, but thanks for being interested. :slight_smile:

Project Lead of FamilyVille.

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