-Closed- Feedback on Cafe/Restaurant

Greetings, I am Financieer. The second post on here. @darkwolfmlgk9 and I have updated the cafe we built. (Previous Post). We fixed some a few different things that were pointed out and added some more things.

Any ideas/Feedback is welcome



-Gamelink: Fina's Cafe - Roblox

I like it for the most part the following are my opinions. Please feel free to take it how you wish.

  • the circle outside maybe put a clock
  • Walls in the last photo looks empty try adding posters
  • We aren’t really sure on what to do with the circle. We are hoping to have a logo there but I like the idea.

  • Thank you the walls do look really empty

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Looks AMAZING! Nothing looks wrong!


Outside color tone isn’t my favorite but I like the structural part of the building. It looks very unique and not like a ‘box’ like most cafes.

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Appreciate it. Glad to know some people like it.

Make the interior more bright. It seems too dark right now.


Maybe a better entrance?



This looks really well done, it seems like you’ve put so much importance into people’s feedback which made you improve this Cafe/Restaurant to the next level.

The interior looks great, but as some people already said, i think you should just work on the lighting a little bit more so it can look a bit more plain of life.

Also in regards to the exterior, accessories like the snowman are a really great addition, but i would suggest you to add some more accessories such as rocks and trees maybe and a path that would lead to the interior won’t be bad aswell.

Keep up the great work, i love it. :smiley_cat:

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hello, p00_00q is here
I think it’s pretty good. It’s great to use this map on games like caffe simulator, … I’m not a map connoisseur, but for me, your build is very bright. create, from decorating the snow man to being very intelligent to building inside. Truly very creative. This is my personal opinion.

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Great building at all! Just two things:

  • Don’t hesitate to experiment with different textures. You can find a lot of free textures in the internet!
  • Personally, I don’t think that red color fits in the interior. You may want to try change it to a different color or make it more pastel-like.

Nice work, keep it up :wink:

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Looks great, I like the structure, quite different from other cafe I have seen but needs more detail It feels a bit empty.

  • Decorations
  • maybe make it brighter
  • Try out different colours; play around
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The building itself looks great, but I think you should work on the lighting. There is also a lot of empty room inside, so based on how many players you are expecting you should try to fill up some of the space. Try adding some couches for longing around, maybe some more plants, tables, Christmas decorations, etc. Don’t fill up the whole space for players will need room to order.

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I really like it. As some stated above, the lighting is a bit off. Neon with a low bloom looks amazing on builds like this. Fill up some of that space too!

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Well we’re finally back!
We also got another developer to help us.
Looks like this will be finally finished soon.