[CLOSED | FOR FUN] Gamejam: Seeking Low-Poly Builder to Work on a Map for Hexaria

About Me

Hey, I’m LuckyTux. I’m a retired Roblox developer who’s back here for a Hexaria gamejam competition around map making. Some notable projects I’ve worked on include Blockplex and Survivor, for which I won a bloxy award for in 2016.

The Team
@LuckyTux - World Planning and Building
YOU? - Structure Building

About The Job

I’m looking for a secondary ally to join me in this gamejam for the Hexaria build contest. I’ve practiced my creation skills numerous times, scrapping each of my concepts because I didn’t like them. Your responsibility would be to build the low-poly structures for the game

Examples of the building style I'm looking for

(Trees are already taken care of)

Examples of how the map will look

Bear in mind that we will communicate on how the map’s appearance will look like. The examples I’ve included were my practicing with the system to figure out to ensure that I could outperform any of my competitors.
Desert Pathway
Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Sky Islands
Sky Island Mountain Sanctuary
Jungle (Unfinished)

I expect the project, in your case, to not take any longer than 3 hours at the maximum. Submissions for the gamejam are due by March 1st so my goal is to have this finished by the 26th (at the latest).


As this is for fun, I’m not offering any payment. Sorry dudes ;(

Contacting Me

Just shoot me a message on discord REDACTED or here, on the devforum.

Examples are a requirement for collaboration. The post will be marked with [CLOSED] when a team member is selected. If that member is then removed, the post will be reopened with a reply stating that information.


I’m interested, to do this for fun. Added you on discord (Pixel#0005)

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