[Closed For Now] Experienced Scripter And Builder!

About Me

Hello! I’m Jono230, I’m 17 years old. I’m also cripter/builder for hire! I’ve been on roblox since 2012 so I am very passionate about this. I don’t consider myself a professional at this, but I currently have 3 years of building experience and 3 years of scripting experience. I am capable of doing quite a lot of tasks.

I can script a variety of different things such as combat, datastores, weapons, guis, camera manipulation, NPCs and more. However, I do not script vehicles or firearms(I’m better at making melee weapons such as swords). Building is my preference though. I am good at building maps and shaping terrain.


Below are all the complete projects I currently have to show now.

Here are some showcase places I made! (More might come soon)

A cabin in the woods & a cavern

A small hotel showcase

Some of my scripting projects:

( Please note that these are old projects of mine and I will make more showcase places later showing more of what I am capable of.)

One of my old projects. A fly script.

This is a simple punching script with some effects. An old project:

This is a lightsaber script. Also an old project. (I lost the good attack animations for it.)

Some of my building projects:

(More screenshots coming soon)

One of the old terrain maps I made:

An old star wars interior temple library:

A small old restaurant in one of the city maps I made:

An old skyscraper in one of the city maps I made:

A small cabin in the woods:

Cabin interior:

A cave:

Foggy terrain:

Dark overclouded mountain peaks:

Hotel interior:

A tree and a street light


• I’m available every day of the week between 1pm and 6pm unless I have other important things to complete!

• My time zone is: GMT+2


• I’ll accept robux and paypal payments! Hourly pay, percentages or a payment per asset are also accepted.

• 5k - 20k robux depending on how satisfied you are.

• When you contact me, tell me everything you need me to do first.

• I will send you screenshots of my progress.


Feel free to contact me in any of these!

• Here on the Developer Forum: @jono230
• On discord: Jono230#5033.

• Please tell me all the details and information including the payment amount when you first contact me.

• If you don’t get a reply, I might be working on another project or currently do not have the time.

Thanks for reading!!