[CLOSED FOR NOW] Looking for voice actors

Hello, I am looking for voice actors, I am working on a huge game with a huge storyline, to apply you need to send me some of your voice clips,

Development team
@Marekmarian - Basically everything
@Unknown - Voice actor - Chad
@Unknown - Voice actor -Myra
@Unknown - Voice actor - Leo
@Unknown x 5 - Voice actor - Skins < FOR HIRE

100-500 Robux
To apply:
Contact me on discord: Marekmarian#0033
Thanks for reading
I Have enough Male voice actors, now I need some female


Are You Paying, The Voice Actors??

Yes, Why shouldn’t I?

I am pretty sure they just wanted to know as payment was not mentioned.

Huh, Oh right! Sorry for not noticing it >-< I thought that I’ve added the payment there >-< Sorry!

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I would love to be a voice actor!

I’m interested! Gelo Two #6768

How much lines are we talking about, and how long would they be? The payment is a bit low for a huge game with a huge story line.


Well, Main characters are hired, only un-hired places are for skins… Soo…?

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I see. Well whatever the payment I’m still interesting in hearing my weird-sounding voice in-game lol.


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