[CLOSED FOR NOW] [PORTFOLIO] Beginner GFX artist for hire

About Me

Hi! My name is Rayne have been doing gfx for a few months!


Work I do in my free time


Transparent profile pictures


I don’t work on the weekends and normally I would take a few hours but due to gymnastics It takes longer (my classes are 4 hours)


I only take robux, You can pay me in group funds or buy my gamepass
Profile pictures - 150 R$
Game Icons - 200 R$
Group logo - 250 R$
Other - 300 R$
(I don’t do ads)


Contact me on discord Rayne#3265


I advice for you to learn more and improve your GFX before selling them, the lighting is bland, poses of each character is like the girl with fedora need more work to do.

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Oh alright! I might close these soon so after that ill try to get better!

It’s not that bad at all. I know you’re trying to be helpful, but your being super rude. I love your work Rayhe!

How im being “super” rude? Im just giving advice that she need to learn more about how to make a GFX and work more on the details so it worth the current prices

Sorry I put “Rayhe” I made a mistake and I am just now finding out! It’s Rayne btw! <3

Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy your day or night, and everyone needs improvement and nothings ever perfect so, I guess he wasn’t being rude but he was just being honest! If you know what I am saying <3

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Hm, I like your work! and I think I’ll hire you, soon! on doing GFX designs! for like my home store very soon! but I hope to see more GFX designs, of yours soon! and, I’ll get in touch with you! as soon as I can! when, I want to hire you as my GFX designer then.


All I mean is there was a much nicer way to come across.