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This testing area is closed for now. Thanks!


Your game is private and can you add some screenshots?

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The game was private because Testing time was up. I will make public for another few hours. Thanks for testing.

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I assume this is one of your first games and I’ll try my best to give you honest feedback

  • Buildings need a lot of work / walls don’t match up / textures don’t fit / it’s too big / unfinished / and overall very messy
  • The UI is basic / and doesn’t look nice at all
  • Map mainly consist of what I think are free models

You could do a lot to make this look better, like adding some decor, thinking about placement and styles. It looks like models are just randomly placed with no thought. Consider taking inspiration from other builds.

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Thanks for your feedback. There are little to no free models in the game. The menu is are from an old game transferred here. There are yet to be fixed. But thank you for the feedback. Remember this is in Beta.


  • Way too much un-used space
  • Rushed (you can see the wedge at the spawn, transparency has not been changed, parts not aligned.
  • Basic Models (chairs…etc)
  • Unrealistic build (no restaurant has a open roof like that)
  • Square building (no design visible)
  • Ugly money grabbing vip door
  • Free models used, not fitting with your lazy building style.

Now being serious, I would use a reference from google - for example searching, ‘Restaurant Building Exterior’ and finding a build that looks good and copying it into your plot.

I would set your move axis to 0.1, to help you align parts together
I would make sure to not rush, and take pride in your work and not vomiting all over roblox studio and using excuses such as ‘iTs iN BEtA’.

I understand you may be new to building, but seriously take your time, look at other peoples work to help you. Building straight from memory and not using references leads you to building like what you’ve done, it’s not easy to think of architectural designs which make the build look good - USE REFERENCES. It will definitely take you more time to build it on this go, and that’s good.

As well as using references, please use textures from the tool store, as they look much better compared to some of the material available by roblox - if you didn’t already know so.

Good luck on the next go! :slight_smile:


Maybe a bit harsh but it needs to be said.

@Jaxax007 I did look at your previous threads and you don’t take peoples advice, which you should because there are plenty of talented builders on this platform. While I’m no builder I reckon with a bit of hard work and motivation you could become very talented, it’s an achievable goal.


Lmao, I geniually couldn’t find any positives - I’d rather be honest than completely lying.

And to be honest, you’re right - they don’t take any feedback and they just fix bugs that people tell to them and not the actual build that you’re viewing which makes the point of posting a thread here pointless. I’ve took advice from this place when I was learning, and it sure did improve my build such as making my exterior look more 3D, by giving more depth to the windows.

They shouldn’t probably start small, and then advance - such as making obbies, low poly houses…just to learn how studio functions, and once they main foundations are set I would begin building the cafe, as they tend to take more time with the realistic build style.


Thanks for the feedback.We keep all ideas listed for use at a later time.

Oh, to be an early roblox game.

This menu is very primitive and, as other people have outlined, doesn’t look good.
Additionally, players don’t care who made the UI. They care about getting a drink.

The game as a whole simply needs a lot more polish.


I’ll give it a 4/10. The reason is that theres only menu avaliable and you cant order (for now i think) the map is big and theres a lot of space unsused. Also the placement is kinda bad

Also the text are out of the box. Currently I cannot find any interesting part on your game. I understand that this is beta so I’ll test out other time when you’re done!

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Looks rushed, too much Z fighting going on, too much unused space, building is bigger than needed, and random free models (not that there’s anything wrong with it but they’re just randomly placed). My honest suggestion is to look a bit more into building, won’t be an overnight process but for sure will be able to make insane detailed builds later on.

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The very empty space is just a no no

I’m confused on why did you put a forcefield wedge on the stairs of the entrance

Needs precision work

Why do you need to put a “gamepass wall”?

Again, what is this design and wheres the roof?

The interior has uneeded empty space

Doesn’t even look good nor realistic

Not trying to be rude, as what @Adaks said, it looks very horrible. I suggest you to make the whole place smaller rather than having a huge unneeded space. Hire builders and modelers because this can’t even be considered a restaurant (or an eating place)


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Glad you agree, I don’t understand what the point of working with a development team when you’re crap at developing.

It demotivates you as you’re comparing your builds to someone else, you also don’t improve much and you can’t really be proud of the game because you didn’t technically make it rather a team of developers.


I think thats a little too harsh. You saying someone is crap at developing isn’t going to help them. Dont demotivate them. Your feedback above was just fine. No need to add that.

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I was also crap at developing once, and I’m a bit better now. It’s no shame, everyone starts on the same steps. Also, I’m giving real feedback and not fake feedback, they post here I’ll give my real opinions.

And, I didn’t only just say they were crap at developing, I said as of that I think they should develop solo till their decent and understand precision placing and how to make builds look good.


Its him being honest and him also saying it in a constructive criticism, its not extremely bad.