[CLOSED] Forge Studios - Overworld RPG (Modelers, Animators) : R$100k

If you are interested in working on a low poly open world RPG please keep reading.

Our team has been working hard to make a cutting edge open world RPG for over a year. In this year we have learned that it’s almost impossible for a duo team to achieve the cutting edge standard we have been hoping for, mainly because of the games size. With that said, we are very passionate about our work and won’t give up on our goal - making Overworld a game that captivates players with monumental immersion and boundless play styles.

Our team currently consists of two members. We both have skills that compensate for each others weaknesses and have known each other for over five years.

@SingleSided - Scripter, general builder
@FireExodus - UI designer, 3d modeler, general builder

Together this team has worked on titles such as:

Knightfall - the beginning era

Our game has two versions. Originally, we had begun development with a different high poly style. This game was called “Knightfall” but was soon remade into a low poly style. Here is a preview of some of the features. Please feel free to skip through it.

This video was made a long time ago, and since then we have added added crafting, a shop, finished the dungeon, added monster animations, created a tutorial, implemented many different quests, added over one hundred in-game items, and so much more.

This version was a nearly completed playable game. We opened Knightfall to testing on 7/28/2019 to approximately fifteen Forge Studios game testers. We got a lot of positive feedback and criticism, which we are hoping to reflect in Overworld.

Why did you remake the game?
In short, we knew we could do so much better.

Here are some screenshots of our old game. The game is too large to include everything, but here are some scenic pictures that weren’t included in the video:

Old game

Overworld - the current era
This era includes the low poly style and is what we plan to release to the public once completed. After taking our game testers feedback into consideration, we spent a long time perfecting each individual aspect of the game.

The code was rewritten to be more efficient and the world was expanded to the size of 164 baseplates or to a size with an approximate area of 83,968 studs.

Please note that none of the screenshots posted below shows a completed portion of the game.

New game

Building / 3D Modeling
We are looking for a range of people that specialize in any of the following:

Generalist / World Designer:

  • Creates original and optimized hard surface assets such as buildings, barrels, rocks, towers, etc in the low poly style

  • Creates themed zones with the roblox terrain tools

  • Improves the game by updating assets or introducing unique ideas into the game environment

  • Fun to work with

  • Can complete assets in a timely manner and regularly communicates with the team in voice chat

Monster Modeler:

  • Creates monsters that can be easily rigged while matching the low poly style

Armor Modeler:

  • Creates a variety of low poly armor that matches the R15 character rig


  • Create a variety of player animations such as sword swings and spell casts for the R15 rig

  • Animates walking, attacking, and idle animations for monsters with custom rigs that do not have humanoids

  • Rigs monsters

Game Tester
If interested, you can play test the game and help us come up with ideas. This job comes without pay and only offers experience, special in-game items, and a special game tester role. There is only one requirement, and that is to play test the game when testing is open in ~1 month.

Payment is negotiable, preferably a percentage until a specified amount of money is earned. If you are not interested in percentage, we can pay up to a maximum of R$100k before tax.

EDIT: Due to the overwhelming number of submissions I have altered the application process. If you would like to apply for a role on the development team, please fill out this form:

I still do encourage everyone to apply, even if you doubt your ability. We look forward to reading through your applications! We will be posting in the #announcements channel on our discord server once a new team member is chosen.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to answer them.


Interested for the job. Contacting you on discord StrangeShiner#2507.


I’d be willing to become a Game Tester. How do I go about becoming one?


Hi, are you interested in hiring a music composer for your game?
If so contact me!

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Send me a message on discord or join the server, as of now there is no application process. The game will be open to testing in ~1 month.


Hello there!

I am currently interested in applying for the animator position!
Your tag doesn’t seem to work so add me at: Petrified Tree#9492

Looking forward with speaking to you!


I would love to be a part of this project. I am a builder/ modeler and animator.


I added you, feel free to contact me when you are available.

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Sounds like a pretty good opportunity for me to get back into 3D modeling! I’d like to apply for the weapon (and maybe armor) modeler positions. My tag is The Bloxxy Hunter#6628. Hope to hear from you soon!

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I contacted you on discord. Hope I will be able to work with you! :grinning:


Hey there, i’ve sent you friend request on discord. I’m fairly a experienced modeler and have worked on many games, along with a few “big” games too. The genre of this game is my preferred style so i believe i can get along pretty well.

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Hi im intrested in the Job add me in discord : 6xj8#6281

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Is the payment one time or monthly?

I’m simply not willing to pay 100k monthly until the game starts to make money, which is why there is the option of taking a percentage to a certain amount.

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Interested, have dmed you on discord

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We’re still looking for applicants to fill all of the positions.

Sent an application through the form.


Thank you for letting me know.

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Application made through the form.


Are you still hiring @SingleSided?

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