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About me

Hello! I’m ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’ and I’m a developer more experienced on Unreal Engine. I know at least 6 programming languages! I’ve already 8 months like a Roblox Developer and if isn’t enough experience, decline my offer.

Langauges I work with and how much I know how to use them

  • Lua [80%]
  • HTML [90%]
  • CSS [90%]
  • JS [70%]
  • JSON [35%]
  • C++ [Almost 100%]

If you’re interested, please contact me.

If you’re interested please contact me! I’m applying to the Lead Programmer or only Programmer. Tip : You should put out on your post what you need to be done or what you need to be done at the end of the month.

I’m just 14 years old, but believe me! I starting learning programming langauges at 11 years old! Contact me by any way or via that’s below.

Contact via

Roblox : ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’
DevForum : @AllGoodNamesRGone243
Discord [Highly Recommended] : allgood#7032
Twitter [I don’t use it really much] :

Thanks for the interest brother! Sadly, we have already filled the position. Happy scripting!

Ok! No problem, I hope your game become really succesfull.


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