[CLOSED] fraiIstate | Programmer


Hi, I’m fraiIstate! My hobby and role on Roblox is programming systems and itty bitty things for other people to enjoy ! I put full love n’ care into my work, making sure everything I create is up to the clients standards if not exceeding them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

less experienced roles

NOTE: I am still for hire for these, just at a much lower price [not listed]

  • User Interface Design [Prototyping (not importing!)]
  • Quality Assurance [Design/Systems]
  • 3D Modelling [Blender]
  • Building [Smooth Terrain]

Examples and Previous Work


Github [Unspecified]
NPC Interaction [Luau]
Application Center [Luau]
Jetpack [Luau]
FlappyBird [Lua, LÖVE]
UI Slider [Luau]
Dad Joke Generator [Luau]
Placement System [Luau]
Procedurally Generated Landscape [Luau]

Payment and Availability

All of my work no matter the role will only be on a commission basis. I am currently not open for long-term work due to being in a full-time placement. I do not accept percentage [unless proof of stable income] or limiteds.
The following prices will be in a range. We’ll discuss definite price on contact. Real currency calculated with DevEx rates in mind [ robuxAmount * 0.0035 ]


Payment for this role will typically range between 1K - 50K [or £3.50 - £175]. Payment will be more for full systems and less for smaller things.

Contact Me

I am available on:
[Preferred] Discord: lu !#0825 [if this is invalid, message me on Twitter or here]
Twitter: frailstate_
… or the DevForum!

!! Caveats/Extra Information !!

  • I can work externally [ i.e. Rojo ] and am learning to work with Version Control, especially Git
  • I do not work on Team Create unless some payment is given before work. This is due to the risk of you kicking me out and taking the work for yourself. I will work in my own place file and send you regular updates.
  • Source code/file for past work will not be given as most were contracted and would rather be protected [I was permitted to post them on this thread!]
  • I reserve the right to deny work. I will not:
    • Program potentially malicious code [i.e. to exploit, harass other users or go against the Roblox ToS]
    • Work with stolen assets
    • etc.
  • I mainly work on projects I am interested in to ensure the quality of work.

I can barely see anything, because of lighting. Could you please provide a game looks, so I can take a better look for myself.


Sure thing, just add my Discord and I’ll send you the links

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Amazing UI’s. Just what I’m looking for, I will be commissioning you in the near future.


Recommend lowering UI price and they do not match the quality, apart from that great portfolio


Just sent you a friend request! Looking to hire! Im rosscko#7637! work looks amazing btw!

I know your post says that it’s closed but I sent you a friend request for future work once you’re available. Looking forward to working with you!

How much is it for a full UI pack @lucide?

disregard what i said this is very old

Your discord seems to be changed. We would like to hire you for a programming position over at Solera Hotels & Resorts, a hotel with over 350,000 members!

You can contact me @ VINNY#0001 or through DevForum :slight_smile: