[CLOSED] [FREE] Builder For Hire

About me

Hello, I’m Syst3ch from RoTech Studio. I know building a bit, but i can’t call myself a professional builder. I’m looking for a job. I’ll work on it for free 3 days. I won’t ask a single robux from you for my work. After 3 days, I’ll retire. But if you like the builds i made on those 3 days, you can donate me some robux to support me.


I’ve made a simple clothing store, these are not really good looking :frowning:


It’s free! But if you wanna donate me and support, I’d be really helpful!

Please Note:

  • I’m not a professional builder and I’m not really good at building
  • I don’t build meshes
  • I don’t build low-poly builds
  • I know the basics of scripting
  • I’ll work 3 days for free. Then I’ll have to retire.


You can message me on Roblox or Add me on Discord - FaeedR#2321
I’m in Roblox’s biggest unofficial discord server, you can find me there.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Current Status: CLOSED


Finally I can afford a guy for three working days :smiley:


You used Free Models in your builds. It is unfair to do this.


Yep. The mannequins are the only free model used. The store I made for asked me to do so.

do you except him to build a mannequin?

@Syst3ch when will you be open again

I’m working on another Homestore now which might end tomorrow. But I’m not sure if i’ll open it again, sorry.

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