(CLOSED) Free GFX (Only doing 3)

I am gonna do some free GFX. This can be a thumbnail, game icon or a profile picture. I am doing this for my portofolio. Past examples:


Hello, can I have a Pet Simulator type GFX please? Regards

It has to be a game icon saying Pet Simulator.

You can put your signature on the game icon I don’t mind. Because I see you have signatures on your art.

Hi. I need more detail on the Game Icon. What type of poses do you want, what characters do you want in the GFX?

Something like a person running with a pet of your choice behind him. Only one pet please. And at the top or bottom put a TextLabel saying Pet Simulator. Try to make it look fancy if possible.

Background? If you have the link of the background then please DM me it

No I don’t have one sorry. I am not really sure on how to make one. Sorry!

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dm me ProWolfie4051 i rlly want a gfx

Do a profile picture GFX for me using my roblox avatar.

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Pose? Tell me more information

i can have one?

cornholio11111 | Scripter#6948

just do my avatar in general!!