[CLOSED] FREE GFX's Artist ORdenDev

About Me
Hello there , I am ORdenDev , scripter , builder and GFX’s designer . I joined roblox in early 2009 but started developer experience year by the year . I worked with a lot of people and group by this time and worked on many group games and personal projects . Currently I want to learn more about GFX’s and get more experience in this theme .
Reason why I make it for free
I’m doing it for free because currently I’m creating my portfolio and I’d like to work with more people but I still have some GFX’s to show off for you! Currently I’m learning blender for about half of a year .
Some of my works
image image
I had a lot more examples on my PC but I accidantly deleted all of my stuff (Including Roblox Stuff like GFX’s and Blender Rigs) But as soon as I restore those deleted files on my PC I’ll add it to my portfolio.
Terms Of Service

  • I don’t accept orders from rude clients
  • I have all right to decline your order
  • You shouldn’t rush me as order takes 1-3 work days to make
  • If you request highl quality work you will pay for that in robux by negotable prize depending on quality level and how much time it’ll need to make
  • You must be 13 years or older
    Contact me
    You can contact me anymore, I had too many messages from trolls so I don’t want to it it anymore!

I sent you a free request, May you accept? My user is YOUNGY#3200.

From a first glance I can already tell that they aren’t the best and I think others can agree.

Um, he’s doing it for free. It’s so he can get more experience and improve in the process. So if it’s not your taste, hey! Wait a little bit longer and I’m sure you’ll be ready to order a commission from him. :slight_smile:

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Oh I thought he was requesting payment but he is doing it for free?

He’s doing it for free and wants to work with other people that can help him get better at it

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I understand that now but thanks.

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Oh okay no problem! ;-; :grin:

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