[CLOSED] [FREE] Low-Med Poly Building Services!

A Little About Me

I am a Game Designer, and have been building on Roblox for over 5 years now with a year of 3D Modeling experience on Blender. I’m proficient in every building style, aside from realism as I haven’t practiced it in a good while. I work fast, ask for feedback often to ensure the product Is as the client envisions, have participated In a few game jams with others, and have worked In development teams before.

(Currently In the process of creating an updated portfolio, and Is thus why I am doing a few builds free of charge!)

(Also the low poly you see below Is my personal style of low poly based off of the Nintendo 64’s low graphics, which I am currently working towards being more unique, however If you’d like me to I could build In the more popularized version that you may see In today’s simulators with the hard edges n such, I can gladly do so.)

Previous Work

Somewhat Dated Photos of My Work Prior
Low Poly


OmbraBuildings1 PalmPalmBuildings1

Mid Poly

DragonWithEffects IgneousForgery


I am available everyday of the week for 10 to 15 hours, however If I do not respond to you quick, It may be because I am occupied by something at the moment.


Although my services are free, I will charge you for multiple builds, or depending on the build’s scale. So nothing too big If you don’t plan on commissioning me please!


You may contact me here on the Developer Forum, or via Discord at: Zam#9887

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you!