{CLOSED} FREE SKILLED SCRIPTER NEEDED | 2 Person collab, free of work

Me and my info
Hey! Im Bamboorods the owner of Simple_Devs, a roblox deving group I want to be making games on. I have 2 years of roblox studio with many profesions such as Building [2yrs], Modeling [3months], Music [3yrs], Graphic design [2yr], audio design/envorimental design/game design/ [1yr]. I prefer to do Buidling, and Music but what ever fits the job I will do. I have experience with others in game design and creation design, I prefer to use Discord as the main way of communication. Questions or concerns ; contact me at bamboorods on Discord.

The Team
@Bamboorods- Buidling/Modeling/Music | UI?
YOU - Scripter | Other skills?

About The Job
Im looking for a professional scritper join a small 1 on 1 project. High quality scripts with good preformance is what im prefering to look for. Good communication skills are appreciated; I want to be able to communicate ideas, thoughts and opionions to make this game as refined as possible. IF you have any more skills please make it apperent.

The game idea is simple, your climbing a mountain in a first person point of view. Your in control of both of your arms using left and right mouse buttons. Players will climb the moutain using grabbable points on the mountain cliff getting higher and higher. They fall? - well they just deal with getting back up or save themselfs.

The systems within this game are ment to feel modern, clean, and use momentum to swing themselves from one point to another.

Game style will be classic/modern style.

The game will not have any due date or time required to work on it, please work honestly on this project.

About The Group
This group has only finished 1 project for a game jam called GnomeJam Egg Hunt, ending in 2nd place, and the team of Powerbow47, Bamboorods and Interstellar_Expert. This is a small group created by bamboorods to have fun with roblox developing, this group is not aimed towards robux, purely the joy of fun games.

I am not paying, this will be a free job on your hand.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord: bamboorods
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :wink:

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