[CLOSED] Frozey is looking for a V2 Builder!

So, who exactly are we? We’re Frozey! We are a group within the industry community of Roblox. We currently have about 33,000 members, and usually hold anywhere between 10 - 30 players in game at a time. During events, we have seen this number go to 80 - 110.

Want to know more about us? Our group was created on November 19th, 2019, although it laid dormant for a large portion of time. In March of 2020, we started to take development seriously. Before release, we were sitting at 980 members. Since the release of our group on May 14th, 2020 we’ve seen about 30,000 new members, and a growing community.

What exactly do we need? As our Builder, we expect active communication and development!

Building style

For our building style, we are looking for a low-poly style that fits with our icy theme. Reference images can be provided upon request.

Exterior Design

We’re looking for someone to complete the exterior design (ie. the map). We’re looking for something simplistic with low-poly terrain. We would like a few atmospherics, things to do (ie. ice skating rank, snowy themed trees, slides etc.) More detail will be discussed in DMs.

Interior Design

For the interior, we want to have a fairly large building that has good decor and good placement of everything. We’re looking for a kitchen, cash register area, staff room, utility room, and more.


Working with us at Frozey, we can ensure you are payed in your preferred method. Although we would prefer USD, if you wish for Robux, please contact us. Here is our current payment schematic. We are very flexible. If you wish to be payed more, please contact us and we will try our best to compensate you appropriately. We personally prefer simple and quick USD transactions via PayPal. We are located in Canada, therefore we will be unable to use other exchange and payment apps, as PayPal is one of the easiest companies which currently supports global payments for us.


300 - 450 USD. This depends on the satisfaction after completion and how long you spend on it. We’re willing to go higher if needed, but you’ll need to contact us. Percentage will be discussed.

Quick conclusion! We appreciate your interest! Please contact us using my Discord, sorify#0001.

I do have a fair bit of friend requests so please try to reply to this post or DM me on the DevForums so I know it is you. Thanks and have a wonderful day!


For anyone interested in this commission, I would 100% suggest you go ahead and apply for the role. Working with Frozey was a delight and was a very rich experience I’ve had. Their payment offered is not only great and easy to sort out, but the community is lovely and sorify is an awesome individual who I’m delighted to have worked with.

They also provide their developers with a lot of creative output and the working atmosphere is very relaxed. You’ll be compensated well for your time too!

I added you on discord @Sam.#7150

Here is my portfolio

Hi , i am interested here is my portfolio:

Hello! sent you a friend request on discord (J.#8929) looking forward to talking with you!

Sent a friend request HoodLess#9548

Sent you a request! #nacho8798

Hello! I sent you a request on Discord. @ Simpxly#8688

I will leave my portfolio here, for you to take a look at. :slight_smile:

Sent you a Discord FR with my portfolio :wink:

Hello! I am interested check my portfolio out here! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/chronicbuilder-builder-environmental-and-map-builder/520834

I am interested, I have sent a friend request at kirb.is.awesome#0071.

Hello, just wondering if you were in need of a scripter/ui designer?
I am able to do both of those and would be willing to for a fair price if you
were looking. :slight_smile:

Sent a friend request, Romulus#3329

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