[CLOSED] frvgment's Building/Modeling Portfolio

SEVERELY OUTDATED AND DELETED. Contact me outside of the devforum! As of 11/3/2023 Comms are closed due to full-time college work and other full-time positions for WorkinProgress

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This has good intentions but i feel this can be abused

If you do scam me, as in not giving me the second half of the pay, I have no problem reporting you where I can, and putting your build up as a free model! This would look like you just used a free model.

That’s the smartest and cheekiest thing I have ever read. :rofl:


This is over a month old, I would recommend you add previous commissions / personal work.

I’m building a few showcase builds right now and will put them up all at once.

I require half of the payment up front of the original agreed price so if they’re unhappy with it they don’t have to pay the second half, or we can compromise on it.

Added new work! I’m open for commissions so feel free to DM me if you are interested!