[Closed] Game Programmer Open For Hiring [9+ Years Experience in Roblox/Roblox Lua | Released Multiple Successful Games]

About Me

Hello! I’m Luis, otherwise known as albiedanoob, I’m 26, and I have been on the ROBLOX platform
since 2008, developing since 2012 I can script pretty much anything.

I can write code, debug, and optimize really quickly due to my experience in Lua and other programming languages.

I have scripted everything from first person and third person gun systems, pirate ship combat, multiple simulator game systems, round-based minigame style systems, to sword based combat systems and pretty advanced placement systems.

I have led teams (Black Water Games, A* Arcade), released games with them, been the scripter/UI designer of a couple teams (TEAM TV /Poco Games), and worked with a youtuber RussoPlays to release multiple games. I worked with Voldex and Toya on a few of their games.

Links to games I have worked on

arrg! (unreleased)

arrg! 🏴‍☠️ (Early Access) - Roblox

096 SCP - solo game, 35m visits

(solo developed, peaked ccu 16k)
096 [SCP] - Roblox

Penguin Tycoon

Penguin Tycoon - Roblox

Anime Worlds Simulator

Anime Worlds Simulator - Roblox

Miraculous-RP (the OFFICIAL Miraculous Ladybug&Cat Noir game)

[Charms] Miraculous™ RP: Ladybug & Cat Noir - Roblox

My Farm

🐔🍎 My Farm [TRADE]🦄🐌 - Roblox

Royale High

Royale🏰High [🔎Castle Secrets...] - Roblox
Current visits: 5.4B

Rage Runner/Happy Runner

Captain Grumpy Games - Roblox
Combined visits: 120M

Duck Dash!

🎯 Duck Dash! - Roblox
Current Visits: 4.7M+
Created alongside RussoPlays/RussoTalks, banj00man and GhettoMilkMan

Car Washing Simulator

Car Washing Simulator - Roblox
Current Visits: 6.5M+
Created alongside RussoPlays/RussoTalks, banj00man and GhettoMilkMan

Bubble Wrap Simulator

Bubble Wrap Simulator - Roblox
Current Visits: 5.1M+
Created alongside RussoPlays/RussoTalks, banj00man and GhettoMilkMan

Bad Hombres

(VOICE CHAT) Bad🤠Hombres - Roblox
Current Visits: 86.3K+
Created alongside ItsTannerTot and GhettoMilkMan

Samurai Simulator

⛩️Samurai Simulator: Reborn⛩️ - Roblox
Current Visits: 3.0M+
Created alongside ItsTannerTot


Playtale Beta - Roblox
Current Visits: 197K+

My Island

A solo-project I worked on with the exception of the assets.
Albie's Island [Beta] - Roblox
Current Visits: 205+

Projects done for fun (discontinued work)

Custom island builder and house creator- 2020

Albie's Island [Beta] - Roblox

Procedural generated block planets with custom gravity - 2019

Spacecraft [Pre-Alpha] - Roblox

Top down shooter - 2019

Luisism's Place Number: 1 - Roblox

Sword combat system - 2019

Anime Town - Roblox

Bomberman-style game - 2019

BOOM💣 [Beta] - Roblox

3D space invaders style game - 2019

ASTRO [Alpha] - Roblox

WIP first person gun system- 2019

Viewmodel - Roblox

3rd person gun system - 2018

Press 3 to equip a gun or hold tab to show weapons.
Project Heist [Development Stage] - Roblox

Old small ship combat - 2016

Pirate Ship Combat - Roblox

Single player story based game- 2015

Torn [Paused] - Roblox


My Roblox name is albiedanoob, my discord is albiethenoob, and my twitter is x.com.


DM me on here or discord, or twitter!


Sent a friend request. HoodLess#9548


Dev’ed with this guy for several years, gets stuff done fast and nicely. Highly recommend :grin:


Hi sir im looking for a co owner that can do programming for my simulator game. Dm me on discord (we got investors ) my discord is : ZeXelDev#8308


Added you on discord! Hope to hire you


Worked with him, great worker, fast paced, and good with communication! Hire him!


Added you on discord! Hopefully we can start working together soon! :smile:


Worked with him, trusted guy!
He can script everything in no time.
Definitely recommended!


Discord is invalid !! What is your new tag ?


I couldnt add the discord could you try adding me @ Sam,#0001



@Aatlxs_Dev sent request.


I have a potential job for you if you are interested!

I’ve DM’ed you on Discord already just need a reply!

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Sent a friend request on Discord. Quin#6677

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I sent a friend request on discord! BufferyNDuffery#2219

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Hi! I just added you for an important project

This is open once again! Prices are be negotiable.

Hey there!

sent you an add on discord to talk about a development unit we’d like to work on!

Kind regards,

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Hey Albie,

I contacted you through DevForum and added you on discord about a game project. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


I have sent you a friend request on Discord to inquire about a possible commission.