[CLOSED] GFX Artist for Hire | HarrierGFX [New Portfolio]

About Me

Hi! I’m a Roblox graphic designer. I make game icons, thumbnails, gamepasses, etc. I also make profile pictures, headers, and banners for social media websites such as Twitter and YouTube. I’ve been doing graphic design for about 2-3 years.


Here are some examples of my work


Game Icons (Render + Photoshop Editing): 200-300 Robux or $2-$3 USD

Game Logo (Photoshop Only): 100-200 Robux or $1-$2 USD

Thumbnails (Rendered Scene + Photoshop Editing): 1k-2k Robux or $10-$20 USD

Gamepasses (Render optional + Photoshop Editing): 100-200 Robux or $1-$2 USD

Advertisements (Render + Photoshop Editing): 200-300 Robux or $2-$3 USD

Banners/Headers (Render + Photoshop Editing): 300-500 Robux or $3-$5 USD

Profile Pictures (Render + Photoshop Editing): 200-300 Robux or $2-$3 USD

Prices are negotiable and vary based on complexity.


I accept payment through Paypal and Roblox group funds mainly! You can also pay through t-shirts in the catalog, but there is a tax fee added to the price. (Not recommended)


I prefer to be contacted on Discord or Twitter. If you don’t have either of those, you can contact me here on the DevForum.

Discord - Ian#5460
Twitter - twitter.com/HarrierGFX
Roblox - ian - Roblox

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


I believe you charge to much for the outcome. I’d suggest to lower it to soething lower, as your work is more simplistic, and eventually you’ll get less and less commisions as people with better work then you compete with you.

The ONLY thing I think you should change is your thumbnails. I’d change it to 500 - 750 R$!

Looks awesome! Just be careful since there’s no watermark on the second and third example!

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Pretty sick, nice job. They’re very simple but yet look really nice


Ordered several things from him, great service and great artwork. I would definitely recommend him!