|CLOSED| GFX Artist for hire / Portfolio


Hey there, I am Jor, a GFX Artist searching for commissions. I use Blender and Photoshop to create my work. I am able to be reached through Twitter and Discord (Seen Below)

My Work

Examples of my work

More Examples


Payment is through purchase of a gamepass

ICONS & ADS - 300R$
Prices are subject to change


jor#0281 on Discord
@JorBlender on Twitter


  • I can cancel an order should I want to.
  • Don’t rush me, pleas be patient
  • I can not create text logos
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Awesome work!
Would hire, I don’t need one right now though.
You should head over to Fiverr, since a lot of people buy from there.

Thanks! I haven’t thought about fiverr, I’ll definitely look into it

Is the background of the first one made in blender? If so, all I can say is wow. :flushed:
Edit: Looking at it again, I don’t think it is since the lighting doesn’t match the rigs but if you added a recolor adjustment to match them I would have a much harder time telling. But for future reference it’s best that you make as much as you can in Blender.

Yeah it’s not modeled, that one is from my starting days so I could definitely improve that one much more if I redid that one today. At the time I wanted to test myself so I wanted to try to make a GFX without using a modeled background. Glad to see I did well.

Yea I can understand that. It honestly looks pretty good

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Jor is a very talented GFX artist who does not fail to impress. I recently commissioned Jor on creating my game thumbnail and his work greatly exceeded the quality than what I was looking for in the market. Very detailed and on point to the information I gave him, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to make a piece of art for their thumbnail, at a fair price as well!