[CLOSED] - GFX Thumbnail/Icon Creator

About The Job

I’m working on a game, Dragon Ball Raiu. It’s one of those RPG Dragon Ball Z/Super games on Roblox and I’m currently in need for someone who can make GFX art at a good affordable price for me.


1 Thumbnail/Icon - 1,000 Robux

(Prices are negotiable)


  • You need to have a Discord account.
  • You must have experience making GFX

Examples of What I’m Looking For

(Thumbnail from Dragon Ball Z Final Stand)

(Thumbnail from Dragon Ball Rage)

(Icon from Dragon Ball Burst)


If you’re interested in this job, contact me on either Discord or Roblox and I’ll answer within a few hours.

Discord - YaBoySalsa#6655
Roblox - YaBoyZelda


Can you fix this a little it just needs to be on what your looking for and what kind on thumbnails like examples you need, like look at some of the Public Recruitment and get a good idea on how it needs to be.


Please explain how you want the graphics should look. Nobody knows what you want specifically


Took your advice, thanks for telling me.


1000R$ is equal to 3.5$ when devexed.

Your payment is way too low for what you want.


It’s all I can do though, I don’t have much Robux and I don’t have any actual money.

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Sorry, but you won’t find anyone here willing to work for 3.5$ and make a thumbnail and icon.


Unless they undervalue their work


Building off of what oryRBX mentioned earlier, it will be extremely difficult to find artists at the skill level of the example pieces you posted willing to produce similar-level quality for 1k R$.

For reference:
The top piece by Jett and Xevant is valued approximately between 20,000-40,000 R$ ($70-$140 USD).


I think that if you’re looking for top quality work for 1,000 robux it’d be very difficult to find a willing artist. I think that you might have to lower your expectations a bit for that price or possibly, when your budget allows you to, raise the amount you’ll pay. Another suggestion I have is go for a different style of GFX, maybe one more text based and not heavy in scene and effects, or even just a simpler concept where you might be able to go for a cheaper price.

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I don’t believe he should resort to paying for quantity unless it’s out of desperation or laziness.

While it isn’t exactly what you were looking for, there’s quite a few do it yourself type of tutorials across the forums. The most relevant to your case would be:

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Not sure what you mean by quantity? The style of GFX he’s looking for takes quite a bit of experience and artists who are capable of that typically cost way more than 1k robux and whatever the equivalency is in real currency. I think that he’d be able to get away with paying 1k if he opts for a simplier style of gfx.

I was referring to this.

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Yes I agree, however I’m not supportive of your suggestion on how he should pay for a less detailed piece of work when there’s hundreds of tutorials capable of doing the same.

Prime example of this would be: This

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Right, you make a good point and I definitely agree. But I mean, if he’s not willing to spend time to learn another medium then he can certainly still get quality GFXs for 1,000 robux that don’t feature effect heavy work that most artists ask 10k+ for.

I mean, I’m alright with the GFX being bare with no effects, I can do that part myself easily.

This style is right up my alley, I’ll Contact you. I specialize in those.

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Coincidentally thanks for linking my thread, it lead me to him and I can do it for him. I do these type of stuff often.

But the other videos you linked, from a professional standpoint aren’t as good. They’re pretty amateur and all, they get some jobs done but they don’t speak a front page quality

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Most tutorials on roblox is rather rushed, unplanned catered to those who work at a fast pace. Your tutorials are more slow, in depth enough so the viewer gets a better understanding of what they need to do without getting rushed.

The way you tackled the topic was 100% helpful compared to other tutorials scattered across the web. Hopefully you create more tutorials in the future.

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That’s the plan! Most tutorials I find online are either rushed or are youtubers trying to make gfx videos rather than gfx designers making youtube videos

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