[CLOSED] Girl Scouts Corporation Looking For Developers

About GSC newlogod

Hello! GSC, also known as “Girl Scouts Corporation”. This group has been running for over a year now, doing camping trips and bakery shifts. As-well as all of that, our group is based around badges! Scouts can earn badges, and meet amazing people in our community. We are looking to expand on our games and start developing a dev team.

Group : https://www.roblox.com/groups/4792643/Girl-Scouts-Corporation#!/about

GSC Dev Team
@BluVelv - Clothing Designer, Investor, GFX, Modeler, Builder, & Scripter
@Dinizterz - Low Poly Builder
@Dinizterz - Scripter
@Red1Monster - 3D Modeler

Our Current Group Games :

:tent: Girl Scouts Campsite :green_heart:: https://www.roblox.com/games/2956753876/Girl-Scouts-Campsite

:cookie: Girl Scouts Bakery :cup_with_straw:https://www.roblox.com/games/3122239333/Girl-Scouts-Bakery

About The Job(s) newlogob

We are looking for developers, that will be taking a percentage of the group’s funds. We are low on funds, but are looking to use 2020 to make this group big! GSC is looking for developers willing to become a HUGE part of our community, and be apart of what we have created.

  • Must have Discord.

  • You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Our games are looking to be upgraded, and developed over time.

Builder :

  • New Cabins

  • Campfire

  • Bathrooms/Showers

  • Tents

  • Trees

  • Nursing Station

  • New Bakery

  • Any other ideas our new developer would like to suggest!

Scripter :

  • Fully functioning bakery point system.

  • Quests & fun automatic mini-games

  • Fully functioning bow and arrows- (mini-game).

  • Animals, Bugs & other living species.

  • Click, Enable Campfire

  • Nurse/First-Aid Items

  • Tools:
    – Animated Bug Spray
    – Functioning Smore : (melt marshmallow, put on gram cracker w/ chocolate & eat!)

  • Better badge system.

  • GUI Clock System + Night & Day

  • Any other ideas our new developer would like to suggest!

3D Modeler :

  • Girl Scout Cookies

  • Food/Snacks

  • Marshmallow-Chocolate-Gram-Cracker-Smore

  • Lunches

  • Safety Bow & Arrow

  • Game-pass Items.

  • Any other ideas our new developer would like to suggest!

Payment newlogoj

Since GSC isn’t able to provide an amount of robux :robux_light: that MOST developers prefer, and most of our developers would be here for a long term job, so we’d like to use group fund’s percentage payments.
Builder : 30%
Scripter : 30%
3D Modeler : 20% (Small Items) (Negotiable)

We have many uniforms, clothing, and merchandise aswell as wanting to add gamepass to earn some robux. In the future, we’d love to expand and give our lovely developer’s raises and full payments when we can afford it.

Contact Us newlogoa

:white_heart: Roblox Developer Forum - @BluVelv
:purple_heart: Discord - BluVelv#0933

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What kind of style, low poly or realistic or mid-poly?

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[UPDATE] 5/21 - Job Closed : 3D Modeler

[UPDATE] 5/21 - Job Closed : Scripter

[UPDATE] 5/27 - Job Opened : Low Poly Builder

[UPDATE] 5/27 - Job Closed : Low Poly Builder

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