CLOSED (Got enough people, thank you!)

About Me

Hey! I’ve been creating 2D art for almost 6 months now, and I’m interested in creating entire UI sets (not scripted.)


You can view my 2D art portfolio here. Open Commissions: Jupiterc's 2D Art

To gain experience, I’m willing to hire myself out to work for free to around three different people/groups. The UI will be an entire UI set (which will depend on what you have in mind/need), not just simple icons.

Here’s the catch: As I have never created UI sets before, you will have to carefully explain exactly what you want, how you want it to look, the dimensions, etc. I will be asking you a lot of questions regarding the aesthetics and functionality, and you need to be prepared and willing to answer them as best you can. (You do NOT need to know how to create UI or script yourself, or anything at all. Just answer how to make it look.)

If you are interested, either DM me here or contact me at Ungoliant#0347.

Will close this once I find around three people. :slight_smile: Thanks for taking me into consideration.


Hi can I hire you for free? so you can help me making games

Sure, hit me up on discord, or DM me here regarding what you want. :slight_smile:

Can I message you on roblox I don’t have a discord

I’ve messages you on discord. Thanks for offering these awesome 2D assets for free.

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DM me on here if you possibly can. I can’t read my roblox messages since I’m constantly spammed with trade bots plus the safe chat might make things more difficult.

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O ok but sometimes devforum did not let me message to other people?
you can friend me on roblox then we can chat?

Hey! Contacting you at discord right now! :smiley:


I’ve contacted you on discord! (Tom_#6754)

It’s great that you are providing this free service, your portfolio looks great! Me and my business partner are working on a fairly simple game and would like to offer you the opportunity to get paid to create some assets for us. We understand that you haven’t created UI before and you will have the chance to learn and experiment while getting paid. Contact me :slight_smile:


Your work is amazing! I’ve sent on over a friend request, my username is luca#9358

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I will be contacting you very soon, I’d like to work with you to create a nice UI, and maybe we can learn some stuff along the way. My Discord tag is Bloximus#3177.

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Hi! I own a security group and games and this would be so damn helpful! Could i message you?? :smiley:


This is such a great opportunity :grin:. Are you still available?