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GFX Artist Needed

I am currently developing a simple game where players go around and collect seashells. They can keep seashells or trade them for coins. Using these coins, players can purchase access to new islands, adventures, and gear.

My game needs art for the shells (how they look in the store, collection book), and Gamepasses and Dev Products.

There are currently 12 shells accessible right now, but there will definitely be more added in the future, so we would call on you and pay you for that.

We will discuss payment and schedule before work is started. I would like to pay 5,000 Robux per icon.

Please provide me with examples of your work!


  • 12 Shell Icons (more in the future)
  • Payment and schedule will be worked out before any work is done
  • Send me examples of your work

Contact Me

You can contact me on discord, my username is iDracius#0037
Thank you!

Here are some more screenshots

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So do you want a 3d render or a vector icon?

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Hello, I am a GFX artist and I guess I am interested in this, this is one of my works:

I actually edit my GFXs in the photoshop, but I didn’t change anything with photoshop in that one render.
If you would like to contact me, go for: zSagittaire#8842

I would like to have vector icons.

Can you send a example of some art style that you would like to have in your game.

A few quick examples from google:

I love the bright colors, and the fun/cartoon feel.

Would you pay anything for 3 icons?

OP didn’t really explain it well, but I’m pretty sure they’re looking for vector icons instead of renders.

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I apologize, but I have found someone who is willing to create all of the icons. Thank you though.

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