[Closed] Goya Games Is Hiring A Talented Scripter

Goya Games!

Is looking to hire a talented developer that can script the following systems;

Item Equipment System :

Lets you equip the knives from your inventory

Case Opening System :

Self-explanatory, system to open the crates where weapons are stored

Click to attack system :
If you click on a mob, the weapon goes to the mob and starts attacking it.

Teleporting system :

Really just for a game pass that helps users get around faster

Mob generating system :

Respawns a mob after they are killed, after a cooldown period.

Inventory system:

delete multiple weapons, delete all but some, locked items, and favorite some weapons.

Power scaling system
Leveling system
XP system
Code system
Timed starter pack
And likely more…

We do not care for any details but talent, passion, and experience. If you are interested please contact me on here or on Discord (Sir Goyaa#7934). Please also provide a portfolio with your inquiry

Payment will be 150$ USD or higher in whatever form you choose or a percentage of game profits. If you’d like, payment is negotiable.

Thank you for reading!

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Interested! I added you on Discord, here is my portfolio:

yo! what is your discord tag! (30 characters)

Kdude#1774 (30charrssssssssssss)

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