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Commission Status: Closed Indefinitely ❌

Hi there! I go by the name of xNoisyz. I specialize in Roblox GFX/Graphic Design. I have been doing graphic designing for about a year now. I’ve been using 3D programs for about two. I have been on Roblox since 2015 and I have played the game a lot through the past years.

What programs do you use?

The program I use the most is Blender. Blender is a free open-source 3D program that everyone can use without any licenses or additional credits. I use it for rendering and almost the whole process of making everything in general. I edit everything in Photoshop after the render is done. I am pretty sure that almost all you know what it is, so I am not going to give a detailed explanation for it.

Can prices vary?

There might be a slight price variation which depends on the complexity of the scene, the details, realism, amount of characters included, etc.

Here are some of my works.

Thumbnails (OUTDATED)

Teddie Simulator

Teddie Simulator

Area 72

Tycoon Battlegrounds

Lollipop Simulator

The Bus

Eating Simulator

RoGet Store

Admin Game

Pet Store Tycoon

Piggy Fanart (Personal Project)

Apocalypse (Personal Project)

Noob In Ocean (Personal Project)


Area 72 Application Icon

ATM Boba

Admin Game

Pet Store Tycoon

Tycoon Battlegrounds

Lollipop Simulator

Area 72

Seconds Till Death

RoGet Store

RoGet Application Center

RoGet Training Center


Area 52 Renders

Zombie Stories Gamepass Render

Area 72 Ad

RoGet Store Ad

As I am a student, I am not available all day, but I have a lot of time to make them anyways.

Prices are negotiable, I accept either Robux :robux: or PayPal. But my preferred payment method is Robux. I prefer pay first, but you are welcome to pay after if you want to. If you are paying with Robux there are two ways, either group funds or t-shirt payment. My preferred one is group funds as it is much easier and cheaper for my clients. If you are paying with t-shirts, Roblox takes 30% off the t-shirts which means you need to pay 30% more for me to get the original price.

My preferred contact method is Twitter (xNoisyz) as I am most active there, but you can also contact me here on the dev forum and on Discord (noisy#9924). If you want to contact me on Discord, please comment below so I can see that you’ve sent me a friend request.

Extra Information:

  • I DON’T do refunds as I have already spent time making your order and I can’t get that time back again.
  • You CANNOT pay with game percentages.
  • It can take up to 14 days for your delivery to be done, but it shouldn’t take much longer than 2-5 days.

    If you got any questions related to my commissions, don’t hesitate to comment below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty high quality works, amazing person,

Highly recommended!


Highly recommended and very kind user!


Highly Recommend !! Awesome Work At Low Price !!

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High quality work, Spends alot of time working and puts alot of effort into your commission, Highly recommended if your interested in ordering a Thumbnail/Icon!


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Hard working, good communication, and for unbeatable prices! Didn’t have any issues with my extensive requests and delivered them with high quality work!

Definitely would recommend, I plan on using xNoisyz for future commissions.

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Thank you so much for your support!

How much for a discord pfp? I was hoping for guest666 with a black hole in the background, with the black hole similar to these references.

Black Hole


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Pfp’s would be the same as icons. And I’ll see if I can find bg like that.

The background is based off of my sword, the azure dragon magic slayer

DM me on Discord and we’ll talk about it.

I sent a request -


Weird, I didn’t get it. I have sent you one now.

I’ve sent a request :slight_smile:

amazing work btw


My commissions have re-opened!

Raise your prices NOW! Don’t judge yourself to be 1500 Robux for a Thumbnail. These are very high quality! :grinning:

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Thank you so much for your support! I’ll take it into consideration.

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Sent you friend request on Discord

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Interested for my group!

I can recommend @xNoisyz as he is not only a highly talented Graphic Designer but a kind person as well. If you need high quality GFX for a cheap price and fast he’s your guy!

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