(CLOSED) heartburnt's Animation Portfolio


About Me

Hello! :wave: I am heartburnt, a 17 year old RBLX Animator with 4 years of experience and lots of talent! I seek new work and the opportunity to create animations with passion and creativity for your own project! I highly recommend reading the whole portfolio, as I explain a lot about me and my abilities here.


My demonstration of my capability to create fluid and satisfying animations can be seen here, most from my own personal time, but with the inclusion of one game’s commissions as an example.

Personal Animations

Sword Idle (pt. 1)

Sword Idle (pt. 2)

Sword Run Cycle

Sword Walk Cycle

Sword Attack Combo

Sword Equip

Dance #1 (Savage)

Dance #2 (Renegade)

Open Mic Night

Saber Attack Combo (5 animations)

Saber Storeowner Idle (pt. 1)

Saber Storeowner Idle (pt. 2)

Couch Sitting


Avaliability will be based on when I’m working IRL + what I may be busy with that day, although an estimated amount of avaliability time/per week would be:

  • 10-20 hours/per week

My timezone is EST.


For payment, I am accepting two different methods:

  • Paying per/animation using Group Funds
    (Once I’m in the group for 2 weeks, paying for the current animations & the ones to come through)

  • Paying per/animation through buying a shirt
    (Paying by buying a shirt I put onsale for the set amount of robux, as well as paying the tax)

The cost of each animation is entirely up to the length of the animation. Although as an estimate, expect to pay around:

  • 5000 R$ per animation.

5000 R$ is the most average price I will charge per animation. For shorter animations or longer ones, the price will change depending on how lengthy and detailed each animation is.


This is here to tell you my strongest and weakest parts in animation. This will hopefully help you determine if I can provide you what you need.

Strong points

  • Movement animations; idles, walks, runs, etc.
  • Fighting animations; punches, kicks, sword slashes, etc.
  • Dance animations; emotes, TT dances, Fortnite dances, etc.

Weak points

  • Gun animations; reloading, FPS, etc.

These are the main animations that may be the most common in any game, but other animation points I missed I’m most likely good at as well. Although, do NOT hire me if you’re wanting me to animate gun animations for you.

Keep in Mind

Make sure you have everything ready for me to easily start to animate with. Please have your player rig/custom rig properly rigged and welded, as well as any tool or weapon to give me.

My job is to animate, and animate only. It is not my job to fix any rig issues. Have it properly ready for me to use so I have an easier time with it.

Make sure when you message me, you will fully decide on your choice to hire me and straight up ask me. Any amount of information you can give me of your needed animations right when you ask to hire me would be a great help to knowing what I will be doing.


You may add me on discord!


Send me a friend request and I will accept in a short time! Please make sure all the requirements that I ask for are there upon hiring me. Thank you for reading! :smiley:


Great animations! I sent you a FR on Discord if you’re interested in some work.

alr, i really like it! sent you a request on discord. i’m KentuckyTowTrucky#4108