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Helix Nebula Studio

Hello! We develop games such as Rise Of The Dead, Universe Millennium and other unannounced titles which we want to be able to work on in the future. Currently our priorities are on Rise Of The Dead. We are currently a pretty small team with 2 active members. We have a Roblox group open for anyone to follow.

About Us

We are not professionals and we are not looking for professionals.

Let me introduce myself. I am Khronos, the founder of Helix Nebula Studio and I create games as a hobby. I spend most of my free time usually working on games or small projects. Rise Of The Dead has grown it’s fan base recently and ever since school started, the time I had for creating updates have drastically decreased, therefore I am looking for people who are interested in our projects.

We don’t need people to be fully dedicated to our projects, we are looking for casual developers, artists and builders who has extra free time and are interested to be part of the development of some of our games. What this means is that, our deadlines and asset quality can be pretty lenient. We don’t mind if you’re new to game development, as long as we accepted your portfolio or past work. We will try to guide you to improving your skills in your role.

After an agreement is made and the payment is complete, please acknowledge that Helix Nebula Studio will own the assets that was agreed upon and we will have the rights to modify the asset. However, the asset creator will be allowed to use, distribute and promote the asset but not re-sell the asset without @MXKhronos’s permission.

What We Need

Rise Of The Dead

Currently, our focus is on Rise Of The Dead and here’s some assets we need for the game’s content.
I would recommend trying out the game to get an understanding on what the assets should be like.
Check our Trello for more information on the progress of development.

Builder/3D Modeler: Maps/World Design

We are currently looking for some map designers who are interested in building Rise Of The Dead’s world. We require the ability to follow Rise Of The Dead’s aesthetics, knows how to design a map that is easy and obvious to navigate and knows how to make an environment appealing.

No jobs available at the moment for builders

3D Modeler: Character Design

If we have played Rise Of The Dead, you’ll know that we have boss characters which players fight against. Below is a screenshot of examples of the boss characters I’ve created, not the best but I let my imaginations run wild.

Example: Zomborg (A cyborg zombie)
Concept Art, other details are up to the designer.

We are looking for someone interested in character design. Scripting, rigging or animating are not required but if you are capable in rigging and animating the character, please inform me and include it in your demand price. You may need to know 3D Modelling to accomplish this. The characters we need are:

No jobs available at the moment for 3D Modelers

2D Artists: Skill Tree Icons

We are working on a skill tree system and we are looking for icons for each of the skill tree’s abilities. The skill tree is designed to be upgrades for the player’s character.

We are looking for simplistic yet somewhat descriptive images depicting the effects of a skill. The icons should be in white with a transparent background. If you’re interested and have the ability to create these icons, please examine these design examples.

This example is a weapon mod called incendiary rounds.
This weapon mod increases the ammo capacity of a weapon.

I will provide a list of skills which needs an icon and you can pick which ones to work.

Clothing Designer: Clothing

Some of the boss characters I planned will need their own clothing. The clothes you design will be uploaded to our group and used in game. You will be allowed to upload the cloth for sale on your own account after it has been uploaded to the group’s first.

Billy Brothers
They are 2 rouge human boss. They came from a farm but has found shelter in the Wrighton Dale mall, they will kill anyone in order for their survival. I need some farmer looking clothing for both of them, one more formal than another.

Hector Shot
A rouge human sheriff boss. He’ll need a sheriff outfit with a bit of a twist. It’s all up to the designer.


Please be informed that we currently only have 10’000 Robux to spend, I will update this number when Rise Of The Dead receives more revenue.

We are currently only paying in [X] Robux per asset. After we negotiated an agreement, I will pay 50% of the price in advance and the other 50% after completion. You will be credited and added to the role that you agreed to, on the Roblox group and Discord. Pricing is only negotiable before an agreement is made.

Contact Us

Reply below or send me a direct message.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

I’m always open to suggestions.
Thanks for reading!


As much as I like the idea of where it’s all going, I’m pretty sure, any bloody clothing is against the Roblox’s Terms of Service.

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Oh, in that case, I’ve changed the description for the clothing design. Thanks for informing me.

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Updated builder job tasks and labelled jobs with their respective skill set.

Updated Builder’s job tasks requirements.

Removed shopping mall builder job from available builder jobs list.

Removed Character Design task, Zomborg, from character design list because I completed it.


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