[CLOSED] Heroes of Robloxia - Recruiting New Team Members


Hey everyone,

The Heroes of Robloxia team is looking to expand the game and take it to new heights. As a result, we’ll be needing some new team members. We’re looking for mostly programmers and builders, as well as potentially a UI designer, an artist and a clothing designer (Info on those upon DM request).


You will likely be required to work with one or more of the following categories:
-Powers and abilities for the Heroes
-NPC pathfinding and attacking for various enemy types and bosses
-Mission frameworks, including but not limited to cutscenes and map interactions

Obviously there will be other things to do besides the three listed, but they are the most representative of the work required for this project. More information on the specifics will be provided later.


You will be working on different city buildings and environments. Since ideally the game will be easily playable on all platforms, these will need to be well optimized and simple, while still good looking. More detail will be provided on the builds later in the development process.


Payment will be given out as a percent of the revenue from the game and the toys based off the game. These will be tentatively set at the beginning of the project, but in the interest of ensuring that everyone is working, will be finalized upon release based on the amount of work that is put in by each individual.

We have a lot of awesome things planned for the future of Heroes of Robloxia, and we’re excited to get to work on them. If you’re interested or have any questions, reach out to me either through DM here or on Discord at InsanelyLuke#4258 (although it’s easier if you join the Heroes of Robloxia Discord and DM me through there). Thanks for reading.


@InsanelyLuke Can I help build?


I’m interested in the building position, I have sent you a message via Twitter and added you on discord.


I’d apply for artist but I don’t think its suited just yet for big games.


can i apply as a clothing designer?


Character designs are handled by me, we’re just looking for everything in the OP right now!


When do applications close?!?


Woo got to apply for this! Will DM you later on today.


What an exciting opportunity! I look forward to seeing the future of this project!


I’m very interested in your Building position. DM me on DevForum or on Discord, and we can VC for a bit. bxnani ; andrew#1845


Really interested in joining the team! Would love to apply for the artist position.


Thanks everyone for applying, I’m gonna be looking through all the applications and messaging people today or tomorrow at some point.


Yeah, I was kind of wondering when you would read them. :laughing:


I was never notified…


If you weren’t messaged you weren’t hired.