Closed [Hire Me] Sharkyia | Builder, Modeler Portfolio

this portfolio is over a year outdated, dont expect it to match my current skill, doing a complete overhaul soon.

About Me

Hello, My name is Sharkyia you can call me Shark if you’d like! I Specialize in building, modeling, and texturing.

Personal Work

3D Assets
  • Performing Faces

  • Santa’s Sleigh

  • Mysterious Guide

  • Magic Staff

  • Bow

  • Trident

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Palm Tree

  • Cauldron

  • Desk

  • Lantern Post

Present Hunt 2021: The Great Rush

  • Tutorial Present

  • Christmas Gift of Joy

  • Present of Light and Dark

  • Present of Sweet Delight

  • Purple Gift of Grapes

  • Teal Gift of Spherical Enjoyment

Battleship! Game Link

  • Destroyer Ship

  • Submarine

  • Cruiser Ship

  • Battleship Ship

  • Aircraft Carrier

Additional Assets
  • Jet

  • Crates

Enchanted Forest [Showcase] Game Link

  • Bend Tree

  • Stump Tree

  • Super Tall Tree

  • Tall Tree

  • Thin Tree



#1 Weapons for @Noxielotl


I can do 3-5 hours of work per day if needed and possible. When I am back to school my availability decreases slightly to around 1-3 hours of work per day if possible by me.


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per asset. I also prefer Robux instead of USD as of now. All prices are usually based on the difficulty / complexity. I also do upfront payment where the client pays half or all before I handover the work.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:, or even Discord @ Sharkyia#4624

Thank you for considering me!!


I am interested in working with you.


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