[Closed] Hired for building

Closed. I already got hired.

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I mean you can’t go wrong with free. :smiley:

Ok, I will contact you. 30 chars

I’m interested contact me on discord at Barty 2016#1019

Barty we met before! lol :rofl:

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I’m interested although I don’t have Discord - I’ll PM you on the DevForum.

Alright excited to do some business. If I do a good job, can you tell your friends about me. This is going down after today so I can earn something.

Okay! I’m sending a PM now. I’ll credit you for your work! :smiley:

Over discord or via Roblox? 30 chars

I sent it via Roblox DevForums as I don’t have Discord.

It’s ok! I will check it out rn!

Thanks :smiley:
30 characterssssssssssssssssss.

This post is going down in a hour. Thank you to all my customers, I appreciate you guys for hiring me. You have 1 until I take this post down.