[CLOSED] Hiring 3D Modeler for Super Striker League

Hi there! We’re Cinder Studio, and we’re looking to hire a 3D modeler for our newly released game, Super Striker League. It’s an action-packed, arcade-style soccer game full of power-ups, special abilities, and dynamic maps to spice things up.

About the Job

Super Striker League has crates that give accessories (shoes, gloves, and headgear) which players can customize their character with - your job will be to create these wearable items. They range in rarity from everyday wearables, to sports gear, to flashy/fantasy items that’ll stand out from the rest. Each item will also come in a few different colored varieties as well.

Our original 3D modeler already completed a variety of different shoes/gloves for the initial launch, so you can check them out below to see what the style is like, what proportions are used, and how much detail is expected:

Expand to see images

Now that we’ve launched, we wanna continue expanding the accessory lineup, including regular content updates as well as holiday-exclusive items (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) We will provide reference images/concept art for each item that’s needed.

You’ll be expected to create around 3 new items per week, and you will be paid 250,000 R$ per month via group funds.

(To equip gloves/shoes, the avatar’s hands/feet parts are deleted and replaced with the item’s model. You’ll have the existing glove/shoe models as well as our basic Rthro rig as a reference, and we restrict the body packages that players can use in the game, so it’ll be easy to make everything fit well on the character.)

Contact Me

If you’re interested in this position, please apply via devforum DM (@Cindering) with examples of your past work. I’m looking to select someone within the next couple of days so we can get started right away. Must be 13+ to apply.
If you have any questions, feel free to post here or message me!

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is a great chance for me but making soccer shoes and gloves its out of my league of 3d modeling ive always wanted to work with you just its too hard.


Are we supposed to make the gloves/shoes textures too? Like the ones in the references pictures


add my discord willthedon#0614

Hey, I would like to work with you, I have experience making accessories like these and I guarantee quality.
In my twitter there are some works related to this.
Please have a look.

My twitter


Give me a discord, or send me a private message on twitter (or on the dev forum)
If you are interested in my services.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Contact me at 0929lego#3214 on Discord, I am interested! I can show you pictures of my work there!

I can vouch for 0929Lego, he is a quick modeller and provides quality models in a short time.

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@JohnAvia You should look into this!

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@Cindering I highly recommend @Zak_Sensei because he has a lot of past experience with 3D modeling accessories such as shoes, hats, glasses, and pets.

Hello, I sent you my portfolio 2 days ago, but I would like to show you this model that I made a few hours ago, the texture is only a base color since the model is not finished yet, there are still many more details that I will do, so I show you something fast.

In my portfolio I also show my skill level in realistic / stylized textures.

In addition, it would be a pleasure to offer you more images and time-lapse videos.

finished model :grinning:


I have just applied as well. :slight_smile:
I do have a question, however: is it required to texture the models as well?
I can handle Photoshop, but I have not made many textures before. UV-unwrapping is no issue, though!


I would like to work with you, here is some of my previous work related to this.Screenshot_1166



My buddy Liam went to school for 3D modeling,I would suggest going to him for models, message him at deathux#9946

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Sorry for the lapse in communication, I got sick last week and then had to catch up on a bunch of other stuff that needed to be done. Gonna go through all of the applications as soon as I get a chance :+1:

The position is now filled! Thanks to everyone who applied.


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