[CLOSED] Hiring 3D modeler / Low poly builder

Zeolite Games Studios A brand new Fakemon Studio inspired by Pokémon Brick Bronze roblox. Projects : Phantom Fantasy (Inspired and similar to Pokémon Brick Bronze/Loomian Legacy roblox) Adventure. ZeoRun : Win Zeolites, Trade Zeolites and battle others by having a Speed Run competition and more! Hiring Builders who are skilled to develope mainly a speed run game and Phantom Fantasy if they want to, so. Developer must be constant of developing. Fakemon games has high potentials in roblox, payments upto 100k robux MAXIMUM depending on game popularity and developer’s effort. Payment will be after game release. You should be capable of designing these models below


Discord : FallenAngel#8658

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I’m intrested for modeler

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Very nice work! If you have Discord you can contact me on their for more info.


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Sent a friend request.

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Ay, if your still looking lmk on here and I’ll add on discord. here is my portfolio

Yes, we are still looking. You’re work is very impressive!

Ok, my discord is Toaster#9447

Very interested in low poly builder, you know my Discord.

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