[OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Hey everyone, i’m a 3D modeller up for hire doing low poly models. Not that much to say other than that to be honest.


Some of my previous work


Prices are negotiable, but usually around 200-1000 robux (per asset) OR real money via paypal
(i prefer the money though).
I don’t do percentages only

Here’s how i usually do transactions :

  1. I make the model
  2. I send pictures of the model (usually as i go along, to correct anything you would like to see changed)
  3. I receive payment
  4. I send the model



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I can Vouch for him! I ordered from him and was very surprised how good he did! I would highly recommend him, he make sure he give updates on how its going, he give you the files in .fbx! Very good person to work with!


hello can you help me with a quick commission? I will send you a request for a discor and we will agree if it will stop you.


Having commissioned Red Monster, I can say that I am satisfied with his work.

Despite having troubles reaching optimistic deadlines, his work really helped us progress our game.

Always welcome in the Tom’s Games community :slight_smile:


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