[CLOSED] Hiring 3D Modeler

I am looking for an experienced modeler who can take on creating stylized plant models for a strategy game.

Payment can be whichever you prefer. Upfront or percentage. Robux or USD.

If you are interested in contributing to this project or want more details, send me a private message here on the dev forums. Also, be ready to show me some of your previous modeling work.

What style?

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I’d like some help with the art direction tbh. They could be low-poly, detailed, or specially stylized. Whatever the artist feels they can make work best with this project. The models need to be easily distinguishable from eachother, and hopefully differentiable from a top-down view.

So, I’m looking for about 30 different plant types for the game. They will be placed on nodes and have unique abilities. Each plant will need to have 2 different states. A blooming state, and a non-blooming state. Not all plants need to be made at once. I really just need about 5 different plants to continue production on the programming.

Position is still open

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