[CLOSED] Hiring 3D Modelers + Animators

Howdy there developers,

I’m part of the two-man team working on Workout Island. My partner and I specialize in scripting, so we’re looking to contract out a few assets. If you are interested in any of the jobs below, please DM me your portfolio here or on Discord at idkhowtocode#7247

Pet Modeler

We need someone to model ~80 (cube, unfortunately) pets for the game. The #1 request from players has been pets, so this is an important feature that we want to expedite as fast as possible.

Applicants should have experience modeling and texturing in a 3rd party application.

Pay: ~100k robux in group funds. Feel free to negotiate higher if you are a talented modeler.

Map Assets

We’re looking for a few contacts who can model random assets here and there to fill needs in our map. Think: shops, a king of the hill platform, leaderboards, etc.

We are in the simulator genre, but distinctly different from the style used in saber/ninja/reaper sim. Applicants should have experience modeling in a 3rd-party application in a friendly, ultra-low poly style. Feel free to DM me that low poly isnt a style.

Pay: We will agree on a payment per asset

A few examples from the game:

image https://i.gyazo.com/9c5548ecbc15fcc4f06d428fafc9df81.png



We’re looking for animations in two categories:

  1. Combat Animations: Punching, Stomping, wacky backflips and more
  2. Bosses: Standard R16 rigged, in need of death animations

Pay: We will agree on a payment per animation


I have added you, I look forward to speaking with you!

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I’ve worked with great developers as Map Designer for great games, and I’d love to work with you too! :smile:

[OPEN!] Map Designer & 3D Modeler | Streeteenk – Portfolio

https://twitter.com/StreetRBLX – Twitter

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HEYO! If you still looking for a animator! I’m perfect or you!

Hello, I am interested in the work. (In the position of pet modeler).

Here are some of my recent work related to this, if you are interested, please contact me.

(If you need to see more, let me know).



Edit: I added you to discord – Zak (Sensei)#2020


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