[Closed] Hiring a 2D artist to create icons for dozens of swords/tools

I’m looking to hire a 2D artist to create sword icons and other tool icons for my game. These are what they currently look like:

I’m looking for all of them to be redone because I want a more unified look for all of them. These are some pictures from a different game of the style I’m looking for:

You will be creating icons for 34 different tools at first, and after completing the commission you should be prepared to create at least 10 more over a period of 2 months as I add more to the game.

There will be a total payment for the first 34: 40k robux. That’s a bit over 1000 per drawing, so you will receive 1500 robux for every extra drawing I ask you to create.

If you’re interested, please send me a message via the DevForum with your Discord username + tag and your art portfolio.


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