CLOSED Hiring a 3D Modeller for a Low Poly Mesh ($50 or 14000 R$)


I need a Thanos Gauntlet to be modelled in a low poly style in a fist formation. It does not need all of the details that the normal gauntlet has, but still needs to have some details besides the glove and the gems. The gauntlet should be low poly and semi detailed. The timeline for this project is expected to be around 2-4 days.

Pay can either be 50 USD via Paypal or 14k R via group funds.

If you’re interested, the best place to contact me at would be on Twitter or Discord. My DMs are open on Twitter and can be reached @FamedChrisRBLX. My Discord is open to DMs as well and can be reached @FamedChris#1337. I do check the devforums on occasion but the best place to reach me at is Discord or Twitter.

If you have any questions feel free to either message me on DM or reply to this thread. Thank you!


@ScriptSkater might be your guy. He’s pretty good.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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