[Closed] Hiring a Builder (Buildings & City Map Props)

The Police Roleplay Community team is looking for a builder. We welcome a long-term position as a builder with us if performance is satisfactory.

Here is a link to the game you will be working on. Our game is an emergency services roleplay (Police, Fire, EMS) game.

Below are the listed requirements for this job:

  • You must have several examples of your past work to show. These examples must be similar to this job (medium-low build quality).
  • Previous work experience with a known developer/game is preferred, but not required.
  • You must have a discord for communication (only text communication is required).

Note: There is no age requirement, but you must be of a mature age.

We are looking to refresh many of the buildings in our map, as well as add a few news ones. The game is already released, but we’re looking to give it a professional makeover. Most of the buildings in the game are just giant parts with textured windows on the outside - most will stay this way. However, a few essential buildings currently have interiors. We want to remake these buildings/interiors, add a few new ones, and add some better map props. I have a list of buildings and props which need to be done first. If you can remake anything in the game better than what we have now, then I’ll pay you to do that!

Game performance is something we don’t want to sacrifice. We are looking for skilled, experienced builders who can create some great medium-quality builds while keeping part count low - with the use of some experience build tricks. No unions (unless necessary for a unique shape)!

I cannot publicly post the entire list of buildings because some are unreleased. Here’s some I can say: Hospital, Police Station, Sheriff’s Office, and a Fire Department. You may be given some direction on the design of the builds, but you should be able to come up with designs/styles on your own (reference images are acceptable). The buildings will need interiors. I’ll also need a business sign for all business/government buildings.

I hope I explained the job well. If you have any questions, please leave a reply so others can see, and I will answer you soon!

You will be paid on a per-task basis. The pay is negotiable and will likely vary depending on variations in the work (doing more or less than what’s listed here). Payment in Robux is much preferred, but I am open to paying in USD. My USD rate is the same as the DevEx rate. I will list below how I plan to pay for the tasks.

6 Buildings at R$10,000 each: R$60,000
Larger Hospital Building: R$15,000
Interior Props (may be shared between buildings): R$10,000
Map Props: R$10,000

Running Total: R$95,000

I accounted an additional R$5,000+ in the title for other buildings & props which will come up during the job. Again, I will pay for anything you can do better than what I have - no max budget!

Please send your application portfolio to the email hiring@policeroleplay.community

Alternatively, if you don’t want to expose your email address to me (nor create a free email account for your Roblox business), you may apply by messaging me here on the DevForum.

To make this quicker for the both of us, send me your FULL PORTFOLIO in your email. Your portfolio should be a collection of your past work examples, who you’ve worked with before, what you’ve worked on, and any other impressive stuff. This position will be open until the title is updated to say it’s closed.

Applicants will be further talked with on discord after acceptance of your portfolio.

Below are examples of our current buildings and map props. I will also include some references to what kind of level of detail and style I’m looking for:

Our Current Builds

Rough Reference Examples



Is their a way I can apply for one of them separately? I’m bad at buildings but i can do interior and map props.


No, sorry. We want to simplify things by having one map builder. Thanks for the interest anyway!

Sent an email, get back to me whenever you can :slight_smile:

Literally im the exact opposite - I build scenery and cannot build decor for the life of me , although this does seem like a very enticing job.

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Extremely interested in this, I sent you a friend request on discord.

Thanks for the interest, but there is a reason the post includes specific instruction for applying:

I have my discord messages and friend requests turned off.

Not a builder, but the devs for the game are a great group of guys, I talked with them at RDC for awhile. The game is very fun and has a great community around it.

If you’re looking for a job, I would definitely apply for this.

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Interesting. Good luck to all that apply.

Hey just asking, as I haven’t seen it on the listing.

Is there any set time/date for emails to be read, understandable if not.

Thanks for this opportunity, i’ve sent in an email. Hope to hear from you soon and best of luck!

I know this is off-topic but what game is that in the first 3 pictures?

Hello! I’m interested in the position! Here’s my work: https://rwalkden712.wixsite.com/sinoxdevprofile

Dm me on the DevForum, or discord if you decide to hire me!


Sent you an email, looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile:

Have sent an message via dev forums. I have a huge experience making large scaled maps with a good amount of detail, but not to much detail.

Example of large maps



I can also work in tons of different styles of building, if you look at messages on dev forum, you can see the different styles.

Thank you.

He specifically gave you application instructions. Send him a email including your work to the email stated above

I will narrow down the candidates this weekend (September 12-13) and send out replies then. I may give a test job if I have multiple top candidates. I will leave this open until I definitely decide on someone (probably early-mid next week).


Ill be happy to help out my dis is Z0G0N#6646 message me if needed (8 year builder)

I also sent him a email, I was just letting him know that I was interested…

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Hey, may I ask about when you will be responding to the emails and such?