[ CLOSED ] Hiring a Builder for 5 maps

About Us

Hi there! I’m Kymaraaa, the owner and sole developer of Kyma Games. We’re currently looking for a Builder that can also model in Blender to work on 5 medium sized maps for our current project: Prop Pursuit.

Prop Pursuit is a Hide and Seek type game where you hide as props on the map to avoid being caught by the Seekers.

The Job

We’re looking for a Builder than can also model in Blender to build 5 medium-sized maps

Maps Required

  • Supermarket
  • School
  • Neighbourhood
  • Amusement Park
  • Office

A list of props that’ll be on each map will be provided to the person who takes the job.

Build Style Example

There are some requirements that come with the job

  • Each Prop must be one mesh, this can be done in Blender or another 3D Modelling program
  • The Map must be organised with Folders and Models
  • There must not be any small - medium sized objects (such as cans, papers, crates, etc) unless they are Props. This is so Players don’t get confused with what’s a Prop and what isn’t
  • If slight alterations are required, such as adding some stuff to the maps to make them Halloween-y or Christmas-y then you’ll be required to do so

I need these maps by the 15th June.


I am paying 30% of the games monthly revenue to the Builder.
If the game doesn’t earn back what was spent on the launch of the game then a one time compensation of 100$ will be given instead.

Eventually, I may offer the Builder a large amount of R$ to stop the %. This will most likely be when I am no longer actively working on the game which will be when there are no more possible updates I can do.


Please message me on Discord ( Kymaraaa#3972 ) with a link to your portfolio or past work if you’re interested in applying for the job.

Just a suggestion, but very large meshes (like the one you require) normally have very poor hitboxes in the end. Is there a reason you prefer a large mesh as opposed to having it built out?

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I don’t require large meshes.
If you’re talking about what I’ve quoted, then I just mean that if there are any small - medium sized objects then they have to be Props.

And all Props have a box CollisionFidelity so I don’t have to worry about weird hitboxes.

Actually, the large mesh was an assumption on my part. I called it large because it has to be big enough to hold all players, when normally meshes are small items (like swords and food etc.). But regardless, could you go in depth as to why you want the map to be a mesh despite the fact that it could screw up the hitboxes as well as the fact that the style is very simple and can be matched by almost any builder on this platform without Blender?

I don’t want the map to be a mesh. I want the Props that the player can hide as to be a mesh.

So the commission is for 5 maps as well as the props you’re requesting?

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Yes, you are completely correct.

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How big you want the map to be? 100x100 etc…

There are no specific size requirements, just not huge.

Seekers need to have a chance at finding Hiders.

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