[CLOSED] Hiring a builder for a convention centre (interior)

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Blox World is a theme park roleplay game where players can work, play with friends or operate roller coasters & flat rides.

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We’re looking for a builder to create a convention centre. You will only be required to build the interior of the convention centre. This will be kept in a separate game which you will teleport to from the theme park. The interior will need to consist of one main room (where events will be held) and a few smaller rooms with seating areas. You will not be required to build stalls inside the convention centre.




We will be paying :robux_light: 10,000 to :robux_light: 15,000 depending on the quality and time taken to complete the build. Price is negotiable. USD will not be offered.

Contact Us

DevForum: @Toadiant
Twitter: @Toadiant or @BloxWorldRoblox
Discord: Toad#1216


Hi sir I can do it contact ZeXelDev#8308 in discord or zexeldev in Twitter I think you know me from Twitter and when I joined he server and i told u to follow me do u remember me ?

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Check me out! Baitem-Building portfolio

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I could complete this build relatively quickly for you. I sent you a request on Discord. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello, I’m Brazilian and I’m a developer, I’m looking for a job and I can make this convention center for Blox Word, I sent a request on Discord. Me: Drayrex#4752

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