[CLOSED] Hiring a builder for a low-polly medieval game


Hello everyone, I’m Ethan and I am looking for a builder to join me in a small but fun tycoon project. I’ve been scripting on Roblox for around 6 years and have created a few games with Headbutt Simulator being my only “successful”(Yet buggy) release. The game is going to be a low-Polly medieval themed tycoon with a few unique touches.

About The Job

I am looking for a builder who is able to construct low-Polly builds to join me in developing this game. You would be constructing the map and other smaller assets for the game.


I do have a budget of R$20,000 on the main tycoon itself(Which will be a castle). But I would really like it if you joined my team for a 20-30% cut of the game’s profits.

Contact me

You can contact me via
Discord - Ethann#4988
Twitter - @SkoobiDoobiRBLX
Or here on the devforum

When contacting me please provide some of your previous work. Thank you and happy 2020!


I’m interested, but we may need to talk a little about payment.

I am very interested in your job proposal. My discord is Nicolas DEV # 4794

I’m interested, I also already have the gates of a low poly castle built. Contact me MathGeek#1111

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I am interested in this offer. If you would like to see some work I’ve done contact me on discord(GamerOP#4004).

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