[Closed] Hiring a Builder for HexTech | Payment is Percentage Based

What’s HexTech?

HexTech is a development group I started back in 2018 and ever since then we’ve been trying to release a game! The process is slow as I’m usually solo developing all the projects and as I lack building skill and knowledge, I’ve decided to reach out to the community for help!

The HexTech group: HexTech - Roblox

The Current Team and their Roles
@Crystalflxme - Project Lead, Scripter, Builder
The old member here is no longer in the group
& all of our testers, investors, and helpers!!

About Being at HexTech and the Builder Role

Now I get what you might be thinking: why would I want to take a percentage job with a startup studio? To be fair I would have to agree with you thinking that this isn’t worth it. However, HexTech aims at more hobbyist developers rather than ones with their goal set solely to earn money. HexTech, in the future, could be this way (not 100% just to earn money, of course) but in the current state with no game out of beta or alpha and slow development times, we just don’t have the budget to support payment up front. If the percentage job didn’t turn you away and you’re still interested, good for you!

At HexTech I want to create a non-toxic development environment. It’s always been my goal to create a development group that is just as dedicated as I am. That is why I expect no sort of drama and rudeness to any developer in the group. At HexTech, as I am the manager, I handle setting up ways of tracking work and progress along with a simple to-do list if you’re out of ideas or completed work directly assigned to you. I try to keep how projects development is handled very organized. An example of what would be used is Google Classroom and Google Drive. I want to use these tools to manage assignments on certain people along with a assignment to the whole team. As for Google Drive, I plan to use that for collaboratively editing changelogs and todo lists along with dropping files to team members.

More specifically with the role of builder, I want somebody who puts quality in their work and utilizes good development practices (using a uniform grid with the rest of the developers, pays attention to detail, and can adapt to certain projects styles). Currently we are working on an elevator based game by the name of “That Elevator Game” and we’re currently working on the beta release. In terms of how often you must develop, I at least require a reasonable amount of work done on the weekend if you aren’t available during the week. I also want the builders applying to at least have a year of good work and experience. While I get it might be hard to only work for a percentage, I still want to maintain a reasonably high level of quality. My goal is to exceed the expectations of how good an elevator game can be. In other words, I want to create the highest quality elevator game with the most content out there on Roblox.

The Building Style of That Elevator Game

PLEASE NOTE: This can vary between different floors, of course. It doesn’t need to all look like this but in terms of the elevator itself and the lobby, it looks like this.

Also, the builds (mostly the lobby) looks a bit barren because we need a builder! Now you get why we’re setting up applications now, huh?


Again, to make it clear, payment is percentage based meaning you will get a set percent of what the group earns. This will be manged through the funds of the HexTech group. The percentage you will earn will be discussed if we accept your application. It will be based off of how much you think you will be able to contribute!

Want to Apply?

Please DM me here on Twitter with a portfolio or examples of what you can do! If you can’t use Twitter then, use my discord: Discord Tag Hidden Please make sure you are 13+ before applying because I’m looking for more mature and experienced developers. Along with this requirement please have a Google account that you are able to use for the reasons listed above. On that note, I look forward to people who are interested in joining HexTech!!



I am interested in the position. I am 14 years old and have been building for two years. Here is a link to a portfolio of mine: [STILL OPEN!] Advanced Builder/Terrain Builder for Hire
My Discord is TMSGaming#5630 and I look forward to talking with you!

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Are the roles testers open? And wdym by helpers?

Hey, I am interested.

Here’s my portfolio.

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Answering @brenoso123’s question:
No, we are not looking for translators at the moment! In the future, we might contact you again! Thanks for showing your interest, though!

Answering @CommandoX9’s question:
We aren’t looking for testers right now, but if you give me some contact information we might need need your help in the future! As for helpers, they are people who have assisted the development of the game but aren’t developers. For example, one of our helpers created a bunch of really high quality animations for us for free!

In regards to @Junozy and @bulgee’s applications:
I’m glad you’re interested in possibly becoming a builder for HexTech!! Do you mind contacting me via Twitter DMs to continue the process? If you can’t use Twitter (preferred if you do) you can find me on discord: Discord Tag Hidden

Alright, When The Position Is Open I Will Be Glad To Test!

You can contact me here in the forum.

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