[CLOSED] Hiring a builder / modeler for scare mazes

Blox World is a theme park & water park on Roblox. We’re currently hiring a builder / modeller to create virtual scare mazes for our Fright Fest (Halloween) event.

Our current games:
Blox World Theme Park
Blox World Water Park

About The Job

We’re currently looking for a builder to help create immersive scare mazes in multiple different genres including Sci-Fi, Medieval & more. The building will mainly be interior and they must include confined corridors and have an eerie & spooky atmosphere.

Examples of the scare mazes build-style will be given upon request.


We’re currently offering 25,000 robux per maze. However, this price is negotiable.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord: Toadiant#8458 & reply to this post with your Discord tag. Send your portfolio with past experience relating to this role.


I’m interested in the builder position. I have a lot of experience with building theme parks, including making functional roller coasters as well as scare mazes. I will definitely be able to create mazes for you that are extremely detailed and can be built in a timely manner. Here is my own theme park that features two scare mazes made by myself. I have sent you a friend request on discord. My tag is Laemmle#8800.

And here is the rest of my portfolio if you are interested.

My partner @awesomerebeccachen & I are interested in this project! Sent you a request lily#4000

Sent a friend request. jawa2278#1044

I am interested on doing the Sci-Fi maze.

I can send my portfolio via DMs RocketScript#4204

Hope we can talk more!

Travis#0172 Sounds interesting, hopefully I can work with you.

This is so awesome! Horror is my favorite theme, and I would be exhilarated to be able to create mazes for you. I have added you on Discord (Recontinued#8135) and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello I would like to join the team!
Discord: Amx_yay#1715

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