[CLOSED] Hiring a Builder | Scifi Map | 150k Robux Payment

(I previously posted about this project, but I increased the pay by 50k and instead of having to make the city from scratch, you will work from a template.)

About Me
Hey, my name is ItsKolapo and I’m a programmer working on an upcoming scifi city. I’m looking for a builder to join me in making this project possible. I’m looking for someone who will be dedicated to this project, because it requires a lot of work.

I need a builder to make around 20 buildings with interiors and another 40 buildings with only exteriors. I currently have the layout and border processing area for the city. I also have examples of the scifi style I want the city built in. I’ve made a detailed description of each building that needs an interior to guide the builder.


Reference images for style:


I’m interested, this looks quite fun and is something that I’ve never really attempted before.
Sometimes I like to have a challenge, add me on Discord Squidzyee#4776

PS: I also used to watch some of your videos back in the day. :wink:

Hello. I am very interested in this. If you wish to see my work , please add me on Discord @ zk_Maxx#1335

Hi!, Im interested! Please contact me via discord eradite/angelo#1717 so I can show you my work! :slight_smile:

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