[CLOSED] Hiring a Builder to Create a Award Ceremony Theater

About Us

Hi there! Me and uhTeddy are looking for a theater to host a private award ceremony, We are looking for just a theater with no scripts, just building.

The Team
@Swiffted - Finacial Advisor & Builder
@uhTeddy - Scripter & UI

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to create a theater a good enough size to host a award ceremony, that is all.

Example of what the build style will consist of:



We are paying R$ for the final product. (will be negotiated via Discord group chat)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord if you are interested in the job: Swiffted#3640

Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile::rocket:


Will it have to be realistic like the photo? Or can it be like that, but less detailed.


It can be either or, thanks for your reply!

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Ok I am interested! I cannot do it today, but tomorrow I will definitely be online! Contact me here - Bloxrrey#6063

I gtg so I cannot discuss much on discord.

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Hi swifted, I actually have an award ceremony theater I built a few months ago taking heavy inspiration from the previous Bloxy’s theater. Hit me up at Toothpaste#2512 :slight_smile:

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I send you request in Discord :roblox_light:

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