[Closed] Hiring a Builder

Hiring a Builder

Hi there! I’m looking to hire a builder to design a five pointed colonial style fort - images attached. This is essentially a recreation of the colonial fort Castle William/Fort Independence in Boston.

This build is in the colonial/Napoleonic style - prior experience is helpful, but not necessary!

Images of what this should look like


About The Job

The fort does not have to be crazy big. I will provide you with the terrain that it has to fit within (again, it’s not that big and this within the scope of my game is a base for our military faction and a point of interest).

The fort needs to be constructed with a semi-realistic/detailed design (absolutely no low-poly - it doesn’t fit with the theme of the game). For the exterior, there should be detail, but nothing crazy.

As is shown in the pictures, beneath/within the walls are rooms. Based on the size constraints of the terrain, there only needs to be like three rooms per wall. Furthermore, these rooms should be design (entry ways, any interior detail, but they do not need to be furnished!


I am paying 5k robux for this to be completed (to satisfaction) by Friday November 29. If you can get this done before then, I will pay you 500 robux for every day early (for example: if you get this done on Tuesday the 26th, you will make 6,500 robux)


Contact me either on DevForum messages or via Discord at GovernorTriculate#7599

Please have some example works prepared or a portfolio that I can check out of builds that you have done of this style!

Thanks for reading!

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i am builder and scripter
What style do you want

It appears (as stated above with samples) that the style GovernorTriculate is looking for is a Nepolianic/Colonial genre feel.

Previous builder became occupied - still looking for someone!

I think I got this

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