{closed} Hiring a GFX Artist

Hello! We are a small group of developers, who take the game developing very serious. We are looking for people who may want to join our development team and we can make games with them.

The Team
@GeneralGimmy - Lead Builder
@Bloxxary - Builder
@ecstvtic - Builder
@icrann - Scripter
@Lyxtek - Modeler
@Elucidatory - Animator
@EHGTR1903 - UI
@AIphamize - GFX
@vvitdraw - Logo Artist

About The Job

We are looking for a GFX artist who doesn’t make promises that they can’t keep and actually will finish the job and won’t leave the group saying “I am too busy”.

Our game needs to be done by the end of the year, so we expect you to be active, of course, we give out vacations to people who are very hardworking and we are giving people a bonus for working hard as well.

The payment is put together with members of the group, after long discussions.

Scripter: 30%
Builder: 15%
Mesh Creator: 10%
Animator: 10%
GFX: 15%
UI: 10%
Group: 10%

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or through Discord.
Founder’s Discord: Bloxxary#2392

Thanks for reading and we hope you to be working with us! :slight_smile:



Hello! Maybe @MrDerpSavage can help!

I would like to apply, sent a private message although I would want some small payment upfront before doing anything, heres my portfolio.

I Think I cant pass ;-;

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My Dizzy is Zanviorus Ex0S#4660

Might be interested.
Examples of work:

add my discord if your interested, Cappuccino#2189

I’m very interested! My discord is Hanamii#1389.

Interested. kirs#0004 is where you can add me!

Hello! I am interested in the role of being a GFX artist. I can promise right now that I will not back out. My Discord is Inkqo#8185, and I look forward to working with you! :happy3:

I am interested I shot you a friend request on discord @Alex.#5846

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