[CLOSED] Hiring a Map Builder (Smooth Terrain)

CLOSED! Thanks for applying!

About Us

Hi there! We are Foxzie’s Productions, a team who have made games such as Car Dealership Tycoon. We’re looking for map builder who are willing to work with us on our new upcoming game project.

Car Dealership Tycoon: https://www.roblox.com/games/1554960397/Car-Dealership-Tycoon

About The Job

We are looking for a professional map builder to join our team. The job would be to make a big terrain map (up to 8000x8000 studs) in smooth terrain. The map would include basic landscape stuff like mountains, water and desert. The game itself will include objects like roads and buildings, which means the map needs to be specially designed and shaped for those objects.

We discuss further details about the map together once we’ll get started.

If you are able to implement content including roads and trees smoothly into the map, then it’s a plus!

We expect skills and experience in smooth terrain. We expect the map to look realistic and to be optimized for minimized lag. We expect the work will take up to 4 weeks to finish.


We are paying 100K+ R$ for the finished product, depending on experience and quality. Will be paid with group funds.

This was my first recruitment post, I hope you all understood what I wrote :slight_smile:



Interested, Sent You a friend request.

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I’ve sent you a friend request!


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i’m interessed i sent you re… in discord

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Interested add me , bc i cant send you request : Ay-Men xD#7917


I am Interested. GoldenEye#4063 on Discord.

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i’m interested pls sent me request in discord AndresHila#9067

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Sent you a friend request on discord - peter caine#0956!

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Traslator AND builder [commissions open] is my portfolio

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I am interested, I added you on Discord. mani.#0001

This is my portfolio

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I’m very interested, I contacted you on Discord.

I’m interested. This is my portfolio.

Contact me on discord if you’re interested. Coneylove133#2653

Interested, added.!

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I think I am the right person for the job :smiley: my discord is BJJUmer#0946
ill send you a friend request.

edit: It is saying that i cant add you on discord, may you please add me there so we can talk

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