[CLOSED] Hiring a Scripter ( 30 - 35 % )

Hi there! We are a new upcoming Dev group called ‘Pets Cafe’.Our aim is to create a fun and enjoyable not only game but also a community for you to enjoy your time at.
Currently we are starting a new project within this group and would love to have you on the team!

The aim of the game is for players to have their own social life within the game but also have a responsibility! You will be working in a Pet Cafe, where your customers will not be normal looking Robloxians, but be cute little pets who are hungry and may get very angry if they don’t get their food on time. Why feed your pets normal treats when they can have dairy based products? (Only on ROBLOX ofcourse) There will be time in the game, when players are not working they will be in a city where they are able to customize their houses, look after their own pets , hangout with friends & sleep to maintain their character’s mood and health. You will be able to skip work but this will damage your finance and decrease what you earn once you go back, but of course you can work your way up again.

@Leyobe - Main Game Design,GUI,Modeller, Pet Animations & Investor
@Wardenplayzxx - Modeller,Co-Owner
@CouldBeYou - Scripter


We are looking for a professional scripter, who has the following traits:
• 2 - 3 Years of scripting experience
• Efficient at what you do
• English speaking
• Communication skills - be able to discuss ideas , issues & progress with us
• A good team player
• Must be 16+
• Able to take criticism
• Mature and outgoing

We expect you to update us with progress weekly, and ofcourse you will be able to set your own schedule which will be discussed and confirmed beforehand. It is not mandatory to work over Saturday and Sunday, but if you would like to spend your weekend doing so, feel free. Working hours all depend on you, and when you are free as long as you are providing with a good & high quality amount of work by the end of each week.

Some things you will be scripting are:
• Pet trading system
• Shop system for interior , hats & houses
• Gamepasses / Dev products
• Tycoon like system
• Npcs
• Buttons that allow you to interact with a pet
• Character health and mood (drop if not taken care of properly)

You will be receiving 30 - 35 % game revenue, if you prefer R$ we can discuss that, and you will be paid per asset/hour.
We are aware that games don’t always do well, if that is the case you will still be paid in most likely USD.
If you have a friend who would like to tag along, the pay will be split depending on how much you do. You can be a lead scripter ( 20% ) & your friend can apply for a second scripter ( 15 % ) , however we prefer 1 but can understand if it gets too much for you.

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
Discord: lays#7305
Remember You must be 16 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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